Principal Conductor: Maurice Hamilton

Established in May 1999 The SMC Group is an international rights procurement agency, that specializes in creating fitting partnerships between brands and international or domestic rights holders.

The SMC Group first began as a firm specializing in developing awareness of music projects in specific markets from the grassroots level upwards. Using traditional platforms such as radio, TV, press, street and online we consistently moved artists from the specialist scene into the mainstream consciousness. Given the success of our work, we formed strong relationships at all levels in the music industry - record labels, managers, and the key players at all the above mentioned media outlets.

Although the same model was used in each of the countries we covered - all the major markets in Europe - it was nonetheless tweaked depending on our understanding of the cultural nuances and differences of each place. Each artist was carefully analyzed and a specific campaign plan was devised which would target the markets in which the act was most likely to achieve success. In focusing resources to the hottest markets first, the domino effect of careful timing combined with a credible campaign led to region-wide triumphs.

SMC played a key role in the development of a number of acts across Europe, including Nelly Furtado, Damian Marley, Neyo, Jay-Z and Sean Paul. Over time we found that our experience in the European and US markets had put us in a position of expertise where we were being asked by talent and labels to work on projects outside of the conventional channels. Approximately 9 years ago in 2004 we began looking into a number of ways to generate revenue and exposure from non-traditional sources. We found that co-marketing brand partnerships were ideal in every respect - they offered the potential for nation-wide, region-wide and international exposure attached to financial commitments for both talent and the labels they were signed to. Thus the evolution from music marketing and PR to music and brand partnerships was born.

SMC’s background in the music industry was appealing to brands and gave us the understanding needed to create relationships that maximized the benefits for all parties involved. Our international experience gave us the added knowledge needed to tailor partnerships according to the distinctions that we knew to exist between varying countries and regions. As our proficiency grew and we saw the opportunities available outside of Europe and the US, SMC began to expand into a global enterprise, opening offices in Asia Pacific, Africa and the Caribbean. Through this experience we gained an understanding of the industry and progressed naturally into co-marketing ventures. Despite all the developments that have taken place at SMC, we have always maintained our roots. Today, the company is split into two divisions: one that handles the marketing and PR needs of entertainment based clients, and the other that looks after traditional rights procurement and branded entertainment.

Here at the SMC Group we see ourselves as matchmakers. We specialize in developing unique
relationships between brands and rights holders, acting as a sort of dating coach for each.
Throughout the courtship period and beyond, we help our clients assess partner suitability
and evaluate exchangeable assets to create distinctive unions that ensure a return on investment.
with our strong industry relationships and over a decade of experience in international
procurement, the SMC Group understands what it takes to get the job done.
Talent Sourcing & Procurement
Brand & Entertainment Consultation
Music Licensing
Deal Negotiation
Lyrical Integration & Product Placement
Relationship & Project Management
Music Marketing & PR

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The SMC Group (Headquarters)
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3-5 Dunston Rd,
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